MelissaWithLove.co, founded in Los Angeles by serial entrepreneur Melissa Lim, is an online luxury retailer of organic/all-natural beauty and personal care products handmade with the highest-quality all-natural ingredients sustainably-sourced from around the world.

Melissa Lim is a global-roaming, award-winning entrepreneur, maker, writer, speaker and host. She started creating and selling her own products when she couldn't find products out there that matched her high-standards.

People who saw her, especially those who saw her for the first time, immediately noticed her good skin and asked her what her secrets are, so she started to introduce her own skincare line. When enough people liked it, she decided to commercialized her brand.

All MelissaWithLove.co luxury personal care products are handmade with love from all natural ingredients sustainably-sourced from the USA such as premium goat's milk (which is what Cleopatra, the ancient queen known for her beauty and super soft skin bathes in), bamboo charcoal, almond oil, sweet honey etc. They're scented with essential oils like lemongrass, rose, sweet orange, jasmine, etc.

Her unique creations are inspired by the people she meets, places she travels to and the events she experienced. Her colorful pastel products reflects the life she designed and the wonderful world she created.

Melissa is in love with fashion, travel, personal care, beauty and technology. She is a global citizen and travels frequently between these three coasts: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, NYC and Miami. You can occasionally find her across the continent in Asia.